Electric Fencing

The principle on which the electric fence works – and what differentiates it from other fences – is the animals reaction to the electric shock they receive when touching the fence.

The electric shocks are not dangerous to either humans or animals, but nonetheless make them afraid of coming into frequent contact with the fence. This works in respect of all types of wildlife – both in containing animals as well as in protecting against them.

An electric fence circuit consists of 5 main parts;

1. The energiser produces regular current pulses.
2. The fence wiring transports the current along the fence. Insulators ensure that the current is not led away to the soil.
3. When an animal touches the fence, the current travels through the animals body.
4. The current travels through the soil.
5. The earth stakes carry the current back to the energiser.

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An efficient energiser is the foundation of the basic power supply to your electric fence. The output power of an energiser is specified in joules. Four factors play a crucial role when deciding which energiser to use; 1. Vegetation load on the fence. 2. Fence length or number of wires. 3. Type of animal. 4. Power supply; 9V, 12V or 230 V You will find detailed advise regarding the selection of an energiser in the tables for the particular energisers. To find the right energiser for your needs please see the Fence Calculator section.

An electric fence is a circuit in which current flows. The current, which travels through the wire, the animal and through the ground cover into the soil, needs to flow back to the energiser by way of earth stakes. As the soil is a poor conductor, particularly when it is dry, sandy or stony, it is important to ensure an adequate earth system, so that the energiser can reach its full performance. 1. For permanently installed mains and battery energisers, 3 earth stakes of 1-2m in length are generally sufficient. 2. For portable battery energisers there should be at least 1 earth stake of 1m length. Additional stakes are recommended in dry conditions. 3. Ensure that all connections are made using screws. 4. All parts of the earth system should be hot dipped galvanised – i.e rust proofed. 5. Check the earth of your energiser regularly.

Fence calculator

Go to the fence calculator

Using the link above you can very simply use the Fence Calculator to ascertain which of the energisers is specially attuned to your requirements. Just set the easy-to-move push bars to the most important parameters, such as power source, type of animal, fence length and level of vegetation and you will be shown the optimum energiser recommendation, together with detailed technical information on its performance.

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