Fence Posts

Fence Posts- Pressure treated fence posts

We stock a full range of pressure treated posts for all your fencing needs.

All our posts kiln dried down to 28% to ensure excess moisture is removed. They are then placed in large pressure vessels, several packs at a time, where the air is drawn out creating a vacuum. This draws even more moisture out. Once complete the tank is flooded with treatment chemicals, ACQ Permawood, Tanalith E or similar. The tank is then pressurised forcing the treatment chemical deep into the timber, this can take 48 hours. Once this process is complete the tank is depressurised, the timber removed and left to drain and dry.

All our fence posts are redwood treated to UC4 (Usage Class 4 – also known as Hazard Class 4) This means you can expect a service life of 15 years or more. The UC classifications are listed below.

UC1 – wood that is used indoors with no possibility of water contact.
UC2 – wood that is used indoors with chance of occasional water contact e.g. Kitchens.
UC3 – wood that is used outdoors, above ground and exposed to the weather e.g. fence panels.
UC4 – wood that is used outdoors, in permanent contact with the ground e.g. fence posts, decking joists.
UC5 – wood that is regularly or permanently submerged in seawater.

We also stock some Creosote pressure treated posts and stakes but these can only be supplied to some professional users and farmers.

Posts can come with a variety of tops. The most common are;
Half back weather. A single sloping cut of approximately 30 degrees starting half way across the top of the post.
Round top. A dome shape extending approximately 50mm down the post.
Two way weather. A sloping cut of approximately 45degrees to either side of the post.
Four way weather. Sloping cuts of approximately 45degrees to all four sides of the post.
We can of course machine any other type of top you may require and advise on the most suitable for your application. We also carry stocks of ball, acorn and temple post finials in 75 and 100mm.

Suitability of posts.
The smallest post we carry is a 75 x 75mm which is suitable for readymade panels up to 6ft high.
For closeboard fencing a 100 x 100mm would be standard and considered the minimum required.
Nailed post and rail would be installed using 75 x 125mm, 75 x 150mm or 100 x 125mm posts, either pointed for driving of square ended for digging in.
Please call us if you are unsure as to the size of post you require.

The following posts are normally held in stock.

Section x Length1500mm1800210024002700300033003600
75 x 75mmxxxxxx  
75 x 100mm  xx    
75 x 125mm xx     
75 x 150mm xx  x  
100 x 100mmxxxxxx x
100 x 125mmxxxxxx x
125 x 125mm   x    
150 x 150mm xxx x  
175 x 175mm  xxxx  
200 x 200mm  xx    

If you need some help with your fencing project, call us on 01293 852128 for advice from the experts.

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