Agricultural and Equestrian Fencing

There are several common types of fencing which can be used in both agricultural and equestrian settings. Cleft Post & Rail fencing is probably the most commonly used but please see other options below.

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Cleft Post and Rail Fencing

Cleft Post & Rail Fencing

Cleft post and rail is the term used for this rustic type of fence where the posts and rails have being cleaved (split) from sweet chestnut trees that have been (preferably) coppiced in the winter, when the sap is low.

Sawn Rails

Sawn Post & Rail Fencing

This is a less rustic looking type of fence using sawn materials. The posts vary in size with the most common being 2100 x 125 x 75mm set at 1.8m centres with three rails of 88 x 38 x 3600mm nailed to the front.

Wire Netting - Various Heights and Lengths

Post & Wire Fencing

Probably the most common type of agricultural fencing. Stakes and strainers can be either chestnut, pressure treated softwood or creosote pressure treated softwood.