Garden Gate Styles

The vast majority of the gates we sell are made in house allowing us to maintain the exceptional quality for which we have become known. Our range of gates constantly increases and evolves but all have one thing in common- they are made by time served craftsmen with an expert eye for detail.

All our gate frames are constructed from 94 x 45mm Planed square edged timber. This timber is cut from slow grown Swedish unsorted (the highest grade) redwood 225 x 50mm boards allowing for the centre 25mm to be removed leaving two, extremely stable, 100 x 50mm sections. (The heartwood of a tree is undesirable in joinery quality timber because of its habit of distorting.) These sections are then planed all round, kiln dried and pressure treated to further increase their longevity.

Our Tongue, Grooved and V rebated boards are specially milled for us from the same slow grown Swedish Redwood and have an extended tongue. This allows for the (entirely normal) movement of the timber whilst not allowing gaps to appear between the boards as standard TG&V would. Our boards finish at 120 wide x 15mm thick.

We always carry standard 1775mm high x 900mm wide closeboard (featheredge) and TG&V gates in stock and very often have other styles on the shelf. We also carry a range of 900 x 900mm gates ready to go. All other styles and custom sizes are made to order and can take up to 2 weeks at busy times.

When ordering bespoke gates we would need to know the following information;

1/ Style of gate. Either pick one from our range or if you have seen one you would like us to replicate supply a sketch (back of an envelope is fine) or photo.

2/ Sizes. Either metric or imperial (or a mixture of both!!) We need the finished height of the gate (or total height of the opening) and the width of the gate (or total width of the opening) If you give us the total dimensions of the opening we can work out the finished dimensions of the gate which usually is best.

3/ Hand. The gate will be braced either left or right. As the gate settles this allows for the weight of the gate to bear down on the hinges and stops excessive drop. When looking at the front of the gate I;e the good side it will be hinged on either the left or right- its as simple as that.

4/ Most, If not all of our gates can be made as equal or unequal pairs. Give us a call at the planning stage and we can talk you through the options.

For more information please call us on 01293 852128 for advice from the experts.

The Holm Gate - Holmbush

The Holm Gate – Holmbush

The double sided “HOLM” gate made in our own workshops from planed, pressure treated Scandinavian redwood. Fully framed for strength and incorporating mortice and tenon joints as standard. These gates are custom made so can be almost any size you require. Double sided, they look equally good from the back as from the front.

The Bow Top Slindfold Gate - Holmbush

The Bow Top Slindfold Gate – Holmbush

A variation of our Slinfold gate with an attractive Bow Top. Attractive TG&V cladding set on a robust PAR frame. Extremely hardwearing and immensely suitable as a garden gate. Can be made almost any size either left or right handed.

The Cowfold Gate - Holmbush

The Cowfold Gate – Holmbush

The Cowfold Gate. A fully framed gate normally used in conjunction with our Harmony panels but equally handsome when hung on its own. Can be made single or double sided, almost any size or as a pair.
Our extremely tough 94 x 45mm PAR frame with 15 x 45mm eased edged timber rebated into the frame. Can be handed or made for universal hanging.

The Leigh Gate - Holmbush

The Leigh Gate – Holmbush

The Leigh Gate. An attractive variation of our Slinfold gate. A sturdy fully framed gate with extended shaped stiles and shaped top. Can be made almost any size, left or right handed or as a pair. This gate could also be clad with our feather edge boards to suit your closeboaded fencing if required.

The Lowfield Gate - Holmbush

The Lowfield Gate – Holmbush

The Lowfied Gate. A breakthrough in gate manufacturing. The same tried, tested and trusted heavy duty frame but with the cladding housed entirely within the frame on every side as opposed to being fixed into a rebate on the front. A highly attractive gate that doesn’t compromise on strength whilst the solid bottom section perfectly compliments the louvre effect of the upper section. Can be made any size or as a pair. Universal hanging and looks equally good from both sides.

The Loxwood Gate - Holmbush

The Loxwood Gate – Holmbush

The Loxwood Gate. The same progressive construction as The Lowfield but fully infilled with our superior TG&V in two sections for even more strength. Fully framed and Universal hanging, equally attractive from both sides. Can be made any size or as a pair. A top quality gate in every respect.

The Petworth Gate - Holmbush

The Petworth Gate – Holmbush

The Petworth Gate. A stylish and attractive addition to our range built as The Lowfield and Loxwood but with the TG&V installed in a herringbone fashion. Can be fabricated to any size up to 2.0m wide x 2.5m high. Universal hanging and an outstanding double sided design.

The Rusper Gate - Holmbush

The Rusper Gate – Holmbush

The Rusper Gate. A similar design to the Lowfield Gate but built using the more traditional rebated frame method. A heavy duty gate that will give years of service. Can be made almost any size, as a pair or either hand.

The Slinfold Gate - Holmbush

The Slinfold Gate – Holmbush

The Slinfold Gate. A fully framed TG&V gate, traditionally constructed to last decades. Our superior extended tongue TG&V cladding gives a distinctive and attractive finish or our feather edge boarding can be used to perfectly compliment our closeboard fencing.

The Warnham Gate - Holmbush

The Warnham Gate – Holmbush

The Warnham Gate. The ever popular workhorse of our range. A frame, ledged and braced closeboard gate that has been proven to stand the test of time. This gate can be made to almost any size up to 2.4m wide x 3.6m high, either hand or universal. We generally hold stocks of the standard 900 x 1775mm size, all other sizes are made to order. This gate can be capped if required. A truly superior traditional, no nonsense gate.

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