Garden Trellis

We stock a range of standard sized trellis and are able to manufacture square or diamond trellis to your exact requirements. Trellis can be used as a physical barrier, as a screen or as a support to grow plants against. It is ideally used to increase the height of fencing without giving a closed and oppressive feel.

Trellis comes in two configurations, square or diamond, both with varying sized holes depending on its intended use.

Standard square trellis comes 6ft long sections and in various heights between 1ft and 6ft. These are ideal for going above lap or closeboarded fence panels.

For a more stylish finish we manufacture square and diamond trellis to order, as shown in the pictures below. These are constructed from 19 x 38mm batten, fully framed and can be made to any size. The size of the holes, in both square and diamond, can be adjusted, to give more privacy for example.

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