Slotted Concrete Fence Posts

Slotted concrete posts have become very popular for domestic fencing in recent years. They are made from high strength concrete cast around high tensile bar creating an extremely robust post. They will not rot or decay, are unaffected by moisture and when properly installed, will give years of good service.

We stock a full range of concrete slotted posts. These are most commonly used with our Lap panels or our Closeboard panels. They would be equally as good with our palisade panels or Continental panels.

They can be used with or without timber or concrete gravel boards. We would always recommend the use of a gravel board to increase the life of the panel above it. Remember, when installing Continental panels always use the panel extension battens if using a gravel board. (The panels are 1800mm wide and the gravel board will be 1830mm)

Our concrete slotted posts generally have a four way weather top. Panels should finish 25mm below the shoulder of the weather but some people like to finish on the shoulder (never above). Always allow a minimum of 600mm (2ft) to be concreted into the ground.

We hold the following in stock;

1500mm high post

For 900mm or 1050mm high fencing*

1800mm high post

For 1200mm high fencing

2100mm high post

For 1500mm high fencing

2400mm high post

For 1800mm high fencing

2700mm high post

For 1800 & 1950mm high fencing



*In good ground conditions.


Ends and corners are generally only held in 2400mm & 2700mm high.

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Slotted Concrete Fence Posts

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