Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing is a traditional type of fencing (also known as picket fencing) often, but not exclusively used at low heights. It is generally available with 3 differing tops; pointed, round or flat. It can be constructed on site in a similar fashion to closeboard fencing or can be supplied in panel form.

If being constructed from scratch there are two main ways of proceeding. Morticed 100 x 100mm posts with ended arris rails gives a good, sturdy, traditional looking fence either with or without a gravel board. Alternatively posts could be installed at 1.8m centres with motorway rails (3600 x 38 x 88mm) nailed or screwed to the front of these. The pales then fixed to the rails would give a continuous look with no posts visible.

When using 75mm wide pales with 75mm gaps a 3metre bay would require 19 pales.

Alternatively, we make and stock 6ft wide, 3ft and 4ft high panels in both round and point top. These are simple to install and can be used with timber or slotted concrete posts, with or without gravel boards.

We can, of course, make custom sized panels any height and widths up to 12ft.

If you need some help with your fencing project, call us on 01293 852128 for advice from the experts.

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6ft Palisade Fence Panels