Morticed Concrete Fence Posts

Mortice concrete posts have become very popular for domestic fencing in recent years. They are made from high strength concrete cast around high tensile bar creating an extremely robust post. They will not rot or decay, are unaffected by moisture and when properly installed, will give years of good service.

Our posts are available with a four way weather (pyramid) top and all are suitable to attach concrete or timber gravel boards to. We do of course carry all the required hardware to attach the gravel boards to them.

All popular sizes are held in stock;

1500mm high

for 900mm fencing

1800mm high

for 1200mm high fencing

2100mm high

for 1500mm high fencing

2400mm high

for standard 1800mm high fencing

2700mm high

for 1800 & 1950mm high fencing

Remember to go for a longer sized post when going between the sizes above- 2100mm post for 1350mm fencing for example.

Please call us on 01293 852128 to discuss your requirements or complete our contact form to request a quotation.

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Morticed Concrete Fence Posts

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